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BRENNA is a company located in the northern part of Italy, in the industrious district of Monza e Brianza. For years we have been specialising in the production of thinners, chemical solvents and paints that are today marketed all over the world.

Our long-established experience is put to good use in the chemical sector for the production of solvents/thinners, additives, diluents, paints and chemical products in general, with applications in the manufacturing of furnishing, in road markings and traffic islands painting, as well as in iron industry and in the nautical sector. Proud of our accredited and certified expertise, we are available for estimates of expenditure, totally free from charges and obligations.

We work every day with companies and suppliers all over the world for the sale of chemical products of all kinds. In our production we make exclusive use of high-quality raw materials, and constantly work in full respect of the current environmental and safety standards.

Our consulting services have always been highly appreciated, since each material is better treated with different chemical products: the type of chemical to be used must be chosen accordingly to the surface to be treated - wood, metal, plaster, cement, masonry or plastic. Each material has its own specific characteristics: you are welcome to rely on a renown company as BRENNA for proper advice to choose the type of chemical most suitable for each application.

Our experience at your service

Our exoperience in the production of diluentsm chemical solvents and varnishes at your service

BRENNA has been operating for years with a high specialisation in the production of chemical solvents, thinners, additives and paints.

Our know-how and our expertise are applied to the chemical industry, with special focus to the production of solvents, additives, diluents, paints and chemicals for industrial use.

BRENNA has been constantly working and achieving goals over time thanks to its professional and reliable staff of employees: this has allowed the company to increase its production by widening the range of products. To learn about the full range of products, continue browsing the site.

The headquarters of BRENNA are located in Seregno, a town in northern Italy: there for years we have been specialising in the production of thinners, chemical solvents and paints that are today marketed all over the world.



Road marking paints for horizontal signage, innovative and resistant, and fast drying iron coatings. Try our product!



Systems and reagents such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda, flakes and ammonia.

boat maintenance and care

Products for boat maintenance and care

Chemicals for boating, paints and gels indicated for each type of surface treatment in nautical industry. Epoxy resins and protective gels.

diluents solvents

Diluents and solvents

Polyurethane thinner, nitro diluents, paint thinner, degreasing and pickling thinners. Strict and accurate quality controls.


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