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Acetone is a volatile and flammable liquid with a characteristic odor, which today is one of the most used solvents thanks to its low toxicity and high solvent power. Acetone is one of the most requested and used solvents and is part of the assortment of chemicals that BRENNA distributes all over the world.

Acetone for industry: what it is and how it can be used

Pure acetone, also called dimethyl-ketone, propanone or beta-ketopropane is the simplest type of ketone in nature: extremely volatile and flammable, it can be recognised for its completely colourless liquid appearance and typical odor. The pure acetone, which can be mixed with water, alcohol, chloroform and ether, is generally soluble in water, ethanol and ether and is one of the most commonly used solvents due to the combination between the low toxicity and the high solvent power.

Pure acetone is in fact able to dissolve different types of paints, lacquers, adhesives and natural and synthetic resins from all types of surfaces. Being able to eliminate the traces of dirt and paint, and to dissolve stains on fabrics in natural fiber, acetone for industry is widely used in cleaning or at the end of painting work.

Finally, pure acetone is also a solvent used for the extraction of essential oils.

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Acetone, solvents, traffic divider diluents, road marking paints, road sign paints, traffic paints and nitro diluents or epoxy thinners and polyurethane thinners are availbale in our wide range of chemical products at our headquarters in northern Italy. BRENNA produces and markets acetone for industry all over the world as well as cutting-edge products, also taking care of diluents and solvents of all kinds and for each intended use.

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