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Diluente acrilico

Acrylic diluent is one of the products of the BRENNA range distributed all over the world. The acrylic thinner is particularly useful for the dilution of paints, but has many uses also in other areas.

Different uses of acrylic diluent

Acrylic-type diluents are widely used in the paint industry, a vast application field that encompasses various types of products, including water-based or synthetic-based paints, acrylic paints, polyurethane paints, cementites, primers, impregnating agents, waxes and many others.

According to the finish to be obtained, a particular type of diluent must be chosen, and attention must be paid to the composition of the diluent itself. In the specific case of the dilution of the synthetic acrylic paint, a solvent-based enamel, the element to be used is precisely the acrylic diluent.

The acrylic thinner comes from acrylic glazes and is particularly suitable and efficient because of its mix: the acrylic thinner not only makes the acrylic paint more fluid, but has other functions such as cleaning the tools used for the painting - in particular rollers and brushes. Moreover, it can be used to easily remove stains due to dripping paint on floors or surfaces.

Finally, in the cleaning sector, the acrylic thinner is used to make opaque sanded glass shine: with a white cotton cloth soaked in acrylic thinner you can perfectly clean the sanded glass without leaving streaks or residues.

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Information and free estimates for the purchase of small to large quantities of acrylic diluent all over the world are at your disposal through our contact details: get in touch with us, and we will be happy to meet your needs. BRENNA produces and sells many types of diluents and solvents, chemical products in general, diluents for road dividing and traffic paints, acetone and road sign paints, traffic paints and nitro diluents or epoxy thinners.

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Diluente acrilico
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