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Not all paint thinners are the same. Knowing the characteristics of each type of product means guaranteeing an optimal result to the finished work. Acrylic thinners in particular are among the most versatile in the category, because they can be used not only to dilute the colours but also for other different requirements.

Acrylic thinners: what is and how to use it

The acrylic diluent has a composition based on acrylic enamels and is therefore the ideal product to dilute the synthetic acrylic paint. In particular, excellent results are achieved if you need to use a paint gun, which requires a sufficiently diluted product.

Different is the case regarding the use of rollers and brushes, which require a minimum dilution. In this case you will have to use little acrylic thinner, but the advantage of having this kind of product is that it is widely used to solve also problems of different type.

The acrylic thinner in fact:

  • It is used to clean painting tools such as rollers or brushes
  • It is essential for the maintenance of the airbrush, when you have to switch from one color to the other.
  • Eliminates stains on the floor or other surfaces
  • Can effectively clean opaque sandblasted glass

Brenna deals with the trade of acrylics thinners in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

Acrylic diluent, differences with solvent

When we talk about acrylic thinners, we often tend to confuse them with their solvents. It is a mistake made not only by lovers of painting and DIY but sometimes also by sector operators.
The solvent is used to soften the paint that has hardened and is useful for example to remove it from a surface.
The thinner on the other hand influences the density of the paint, enhances the practical qualities and can also increase color saturation. It also facilitates the drying process, accelerating it.

Contact Brenna if you need acrylic thinners in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

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Diluenti per spartitraffico
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