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Prodotti chimici antiruggine

The anti-rust chemical products distributed all over the world by the Italian company BRENNA are ideal both to remove the rust and to prevent its future formation. The types of products are diversified according to the type of surface to be treated.

Antirust chemicals worldwide from the Italian expertise branded BRENNA

The anti-rust chemical products are used to remove the rust layer from all ferrous materials that, in contact with atmospheric agents, may oxidise: this reaction causes the typical formation of rust, that can corrode the ferrous material, progressively weakening and consuming it.

Although the most effective anti-rust strategy is prevention, it is possible to intervene even when corrosion is at an advanced stage: the anti-rust chemicals of the BRENNA line are treatments aimed at solving the problem and at least partially recovering the ferrous structure.

In fact, even if the paint protects the iron, without an effective anti-rust applied in the part underneath the paint, the pre-existing rust will continue to evolve corroding all the ferrous material that it will be able to find.

The effectiveness of anti-rust products

The anti-rust chemicals are certainly very effective, but due to their high corrosive power it is recommended to use them carefully and in accordance with the indication of the manufacturer.

The corrosion of iron from rust may be contrasted with an anti-rust primer: this product, to be applied before painting with the anticorrosive finish, forms an insulating layer able to protect ferrous surfaces.

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Anti-rust chemicals sold and shipped around the world, along with other types of products such as varnishes and diluents for traffic dividers, road marking paints, acetone and road sign paints, nitro diluents or epoxy thinners and polyurethane thinners are available in the wide catalog of our company based in Northern Italy. Contact us for information and quotations on our line of chemical products dedicated to different general and specific uses. We have been working with professionals, private citizens and companies from all over Italy and the world for many years.

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Prodotti chimici antiruggine
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