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Vernici antiruggine

Antirust paints are among the products distributed globally by the BRENNA group, based in northern Italy. The anti-rust paints are ad hoc dyes that allow you to finish the surfaces with treatments able to prevent the onset of rust: only the quality of the paint itself can guarantee the best final result of use.

Anti-rust paints: what they are and what they are used for

The anti-rust paints that BRENNA distributes all over the world are ideal for preventing and treating surface chemical reactions caused on metallic and ferrous materials from contact with oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Untreted rust can also affect the inside of the iron structure, compromising its integrity.

Anti-rust paints not only prevent rust from forming, but also from reforming, at least for a certain period of time. There are excellent natural anti-rust such as lemon and vinegar, but for construction work and for industrial activities it is necessary to resort to anti-rust paints. The anti-rust paint should be used only after having treated the surface with metal brushes or sandpaper to remove the majority of visible rust.

Composition of quality anti-rust paints

Among the substances that make up the best antirust paints there are several solvents that make it necessary to wear protective gloves, lab coat and mask during use. Anti-rust paints can also be combined with solvent and rust converter, perfect for eliminating corrosion.

The materials that can be treated with the anti-rust paints are many, all characterised by a particular ferrous component: among them iron, metal, cast iron, brass, lead and many other metallic materials.

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Our headquarters is located in northern Italy but we operate all over the world for the supply of chemicals, paints and solvents. With us you will find not only rust paints that are distributed all over the world, but also paints for iron, thinners for traffic divisions, paints for road signs and chemical products in general. Our expertise in the field of paints and chemical products is accredited and certified, as can testify the many customers that have been addressing our professionalism for years.

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Vernici antiruggine
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