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Prodotti antiruggine

The line of chemical products and solvents sold and shipped all over the world by BRENNA includes numerous anti-rust products that differ in chemical-physical characteristics and in the possibility of application on different types of surfaces.

BRENNA is the Italian leader in the production and marketing of chemical products, diluents and solvents, present on the international market with its anti-rust products, essential for preserving many types of materials and surfaces, especially in the construction field.

Types of anti-rust products sold and shipped by BRENNA all over the world

The anti-rust products allow to treat and prevent the onset of rust, which is a reaction that occurs in many materials - primarily iron -, when they come into contact with the elements of air and water. The anti-rust products marketed by BRENNA are characterised by the presence of functional substances such as trichlorethylene, caustic soda and citric acid, and are differentiated according to the surface to be treated.

Before working on the surface, it is important to thoroughly clean the part to be treated with the right anti-rust in order to avoid dust and dust particles.

Among the anti-rust products, the chemical anti-rust treatment has proven itself useful for eliminating a thick layer of rust. Many chemical anti-rust treatments not only eliminate the rust already present, but preserve the materials from future rust corrosion.

Solvents and rust converters: substances related to anti-rust products

Other types of anti-rust are solvents and rust converters, chemical products effective against corrosion. The anti-rust can be in the spray can format: these are generally solvent-based paints with a rapid drying; synthetic solvent-based anti-rust products are mainly applied by brush, while nitro-based anti-rust, mainly used in industry or in blacksmiths’ work, has a remarkable ability to dry in a very short time.

Many coatings for gates and railings contain anti-rust components. However, for the preventive treatment the use of specific chemical products is more effective.

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BRENNA's staff knows how to meet its clients’ needs for anti-rust treatments all over the world in a competent and professional way: chemical products, thinners for road dividing and traffic paints, acetone and road sign paints, nitro diluents and epoxy thinners are just some of the products marketed by BRENNA globally.

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Prodotti antiruggine
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