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Prodotti chimici segnaletica orizzontale

The chemical products for road marking of the BRENNA production are articulated in a wide range of paints, ideal for defining in a precise and lasting way the horizontal road signs.

Chemical products for road markings: alkyd, acrylic and other paints

Among the chemical products for road markings, road paint is ideal for any work of road markings in urban and suburban areas. The drying times of this kind of chemical for road signs are very quick: in less than half an hour the paint is dry and can be walked on.

All road marking chemicals, including paints, have standard features and are certified to meet specific requirements, such as brightness and retro-reflection criteria with dry, wet and rainy weather, as well as with fog or in slippery conditions.

The chemical products for road signs are easy to apply and can be used both indoors and outdoors on any type of coating and surface, such as asphalt, concrete, pavement. They can be used both for the making of new markings and for the maintenance of existing signage.

The chemical products for road markings are used to signal and outline public spaces, defining, for example, sidewalks, pedestrian paths, pedestrian areas and parking spots for disabled people. In the composition of these products there are no solvents harmful for people or environment's health. For this reason, BRENNA paints and solvents for road markings are requested and appreciated by private customers, professionals and public institutions for the maintenance of cities and urban centres of all sizes.

Contact us for estimates and information on our chemical products for road signs

Contact us and we will be glad to meet your requests: our staff is available to provide information and cost estimates on our chemical products for road signs and other types of products. These include traffic dividers paints and solvents, acetone, road marking paints, nitro diluents, epoxy thinners and polyurethane diluents. Contact us for information and quotes on our line of products dedicated to different uses: we have been working for years with customers throughout Italy and around the world.

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Prodotti chimici segnaletica orizzontale
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