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Prodotti chimici

BRENNA produces and distributes throughout the world a wide range of chemical products for industry that differ from each other based on their intended use and main components.

BRENNA chemical products for industry include a very wide range of products, diversified by type, and are a guarantee of safety, reliability and durability for many suppliers, companies and industrial plants of any kind and in any part of the world.

Chemical products for industry all over the world from the BRENNA catalog

The best reseller of chemical products for industry is the one able to offer many types of formulations adaptable to the different needs of use: different materials - such as wood, iron, aluminum, PVC and other natural or synthetic materials - have in fact different needs for superficial and deep treatments.

For each type of surface correspond chemical products for industry more or less indicated

The type of surface to be treated is the main parameter for identifying the type of chemical product for industry to be used. Wood, metal, plaster, cement, masonry or plastic: each material has its specific characteristics, so to choose the type of chemical products suitable for different applications you need appropriate advice. You may rely on the staff of BRENNA, active for years in the field of chemicals, paints and thinners.

The catalog of chemical products for industry includes gloss and opaque paints and varnishes, long-lasting paints or less resistant paints, anti-rust paints and chemical products for nautical use: a wide range of chemical products for industry for professional or amateur use awaits you in the wide range of BRENNA .

Contact us for estimates and information on our chemical products for industry with distribution all over the world

Ask for detailed information on the types of chemicals for industry available. Every day we work with companies and suppliers from all over the world for the sale of chemical products for industry of all kinds: we also deal with thinners for traffic divisions and traffic paints, nitro diluents and road marking paints.

Our expertise in the paints and chemicals industry is renowned nationally and internationally. Rely on a trustworthy company like BRENNA for advice and supply of chemical products for industry all over the world: contact us to request a detailed and free estimate.

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Prodotti chimici
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