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Prodotti chimici per la nautica

BRENNA globally markets chemical products for nautical industry, such as paints and gels indicated for any surface treatment. The chemical products for nautical sector of the BRENNA range are ideal products for every type of boat.

Chemical products for nautical industry in the BRENNA product range

Among the nautical chemicals distributed all over the world by BRENNA you may find a complete line of gelcoats for boating. All boats, whatever kind they are, require certain maintenance care both during the winter season and during the nautical season in order to protect the appearance of the surfaces, guaranteeing the long duration in time. The maintenance required also depends on the environment in which the boat is used and moored.

In the wide range of chemical products for nautical industry branded BRENNA, gelcoatsrepresent a complete range to take care of any boat, capable of satisfying the needs of professional manufacturers and simple enthusiasts. The gelcoats also differentiate according to the painting cycle: BRENNA offers the single-component, conventional and two-component high-performance type.

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Contact us to request an estimate free of charge and obligation from all over the world: our staff will contact you in a short time with all the information on the purchase of different quantities of chemical products for boating. Polyurethane paints, acetone, solvents, traffic divider thinners, traffic paints, road signage paints and nitro thinners are just some of the products included in our vast assortment. We are always at your disposal at our headquarters in Seregno, in northern Italy.

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Prodotti chimici per la nautica
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