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Prodotti chimici complementari

BRENNA is always able to offer the best product for every type of application. Our service goes the extra mile, providing different types of complementary chemical products all over the world.

Complementary chemicals: reagents, acids, hydrogen peroxide

BRENNA is synonymous of continuous development and incessant research of raw materials for the production of complementary chemical products that are distributed all over the world. The BRENNA catalog includes general chemicals, varnish solvents and cutting-edge thinners that ensure excellent results in every application and in every working environment.

We are able to supply many and different types of complementary chemical products, systems and reagents including hydrochloric acid, 80% acetic acid, 130 vol. Hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda sol. 30% and scaled caustic soda (also used in domestic environments to drain the pipes).

Ammonia and seppiolite: other complementary chemicals

Among the complementary chemicals produced by the Italian company, ammonia gives excellent results against deeper dirt thanks to its degreasing action. Ammonia is widely used also at home, especially for cleaning glass and mirrors, thanks its ability to make all the halos disappear quickly and without effort.

Another complementary chemical of the BRENNA brand is seppiolite, a professional absorbent based on pure Sepiolite: it is used in factories, in workshops, in road surfaces and in work areas where leaking liquids could cause accidents, fermentation, unwanted hazards and aggravating odours. Finally, to complete the range of complementary chemical products, the BRENNA catalog also includes micro-talc and demineralized water.

Contact us for quotes and information on our types of complementary chemical products shipped all over the world

To request a free and non-binding quote from anywhere in the world, contact us by phone, email or through the special contact form: you will receive a quick response on the purchase of various quantities of complementary chemicals. Polyurethane paints, acetone, solvents, traffic divider thinners, traffic paints, road sign paints and nitro thinners are just some of the products included in our vast assortment.

We are always at your disposal and we work all over the world with private individuals, suppliers, retailers and companies or construction companies of all types and sizes.

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Prodotti chimici complementari
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