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Produzione diluenti

BRENNA is an Italian company specialised in the production of all kinds of thinners, both for paints and other types of end uses. The diluents of our own production are directed at individual amateurs, professionals and companies, as well as resellers all over the world.

Thinner diluente

Thinner is a particular type of diluent included in the BRENNA product range. The activity of the BRENNA group has continued over time thanks to the professionalism of our employees and the continuous investments on machinery, that have allowed us to achieve important results: this is why we have increased our production by incrementing the range of products, especially in the diluent sector.

Diluente epossidico

The Italian company BRENNA produces and sells a wide range of diluents all over the world, including the epoxy diluent, a particular type of diluent that is used in different ways. The epoxy diluent, the ideal type of thinner for the dilution of epoxy paints and epoxy finishes, is one of the most requested products in our catalog.

Diluente nitro

Among the diluents produced and marketed by the Italian company BRENNA all over the world, the nitro diluent is a solvent that finds many applications in different sectors and for many needs.

Diluenti per la nautica

The Italian company BRENNA produces and sells all over the world various types of thinners for nautical industry. These products are intended for use in combination with paints, or for a deep cleaning of boats.

Diluente acrilico

Acrylic diluent is one of the products of the BRENNA range distributed all over the world. The acrylic thinner is particularly useful for the dilution of paints, but has many uses also in other areas.

Diluente poliuretanico

The wide range of thinners produced and marketed worldwide by the Italian company BRENNA also includes the polyurethane thinner, a particular type of diluent that is used in different contexts and for different purposes.

Diluenti per spartitraffico

Diluents for dividing islands, traffic lane arrows, dividing strips, parking lots and turning bays are highly specialised products that comply with the laws in the field of road sign paints, a sector in which the Italian company BRENNA specialises with a wide range of products, sold and delivered all over the world. The diluents are used to give the varnishes the consistency suitable for their use.

Diluente per vernici Lacquer Thinner

The paint thinner distributed worldwide by BRENNA is just one of the products in the vast diluent line of the Italian company. Also called lacquer thinner, it is a product consisting of a mixture of solvents able to dissolve resins or plastics that are used in paints. Further use of the product concerns the washing and the cleaning of the surfaces.

Diluente lavaggio

The washing thinner is one of the diluents of the wide range of products branded BRENNA, an Italian company specialising in thinners, chemicals, paints and solvents. BRENNA produces and sells many types of diluents, including those used for cleaning and washing different types of surfaces and materials.

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