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Diluenti per spartitraffico

Diluents for dividing islands, traffic lane arrows, dividing strips, parking lots and turning bays are highly specialised products that comply with the laws in the field of road sign paints, a sector in which the Italian company BRENNA specialises with a wide range of products, sold and delivered all over the world. The diluents are used to give the varnishes the consistency suitable for their use.

The uses and characteristics of traffic divider diluents

The diluents used in the painting of traffic islands are used to modify the consistency of the varnish in order to make it easier to apply and improve its sealing performance, yield and homogeneity.

The diluents supplied all over the world by the BRENNA group guarantee optimal results for every type of traffic paint, providing the workers with a valid and easy to use product. The correct diluent allows to give the paint the optimal density for the application on the asphalt and on other types of surfaces, simplifying and speeding up the application work, and ensuring long life to the road marking paint.

Traffic divider thinners are added to the paint when used and as recommended.

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Our wide assortment of products ranges from diluent for road marking to road marking paints, from nitro diluents to road sign paints, and includes many general and specific chemical products. Our expertise in the paints and chemicals industry is known all over the world. Contact us for information and quotes on the purchase of diluents all over the world: all quotes are free and without obligation.

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Diluenti per spartitraffico
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