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Diluenti per la nautica

The Italian company BRENNA produces and sells all over the world various types of thinners for nautical industry. These products are intended for use in combination with paints, or for a deep cleaning of boats.

Thinners, paints and chemical products for boats’ treatment and maintenance

The diluents for boating are specific thinners, to be applied to boats in combination with paints for restorations and for general maintenance. The thinners for boating care are compatible with the binding agent and have important characteristics such as fast drying and good performances along time: for this reason they are preferable to universal thinners, which could compromise the result in the painting of boats.

Unlike standard diluents, specific diluents for boat treatment and varnishing are specially formulated to prevent the division of colour in different phases, and to ensure that the surface is flawless, never sticky, opaque or milky. Boat thinners are formulated to guarantee the best final results and the best application performance in every condition.

Specific products for boating such as solvents, paints, thinners and other chemical products of the BRENNA range protect boats from humidity, salt, rust, high temperatures and ultraviolet rays, have first-in-class mechanical strength and good elasticity, ideal characteristics to ensure long life and excellent aesthetic finish to painting work on the surfaces of boats.

BRENNA offers a valid consultancy service to help you choose the most suitable thinners, paints and chemicals based on the type of work to be done and the kind of boat to treat.

Contact us for estimates and information on thinners for boating and other chemicals sold and shipped all over the world

To receive detailed information and free estimates on the supply of our products, which include a vast assortment of chemical products for boating, you can contact us via telephone numbers, e-mail address or through our contact form.

BRENNA also provide nautical paints, solvents for boating, solvents and thinners for traffic divisions, paints for iron, anti-rust paints, nitro diluents, epoxy thinners, polyurethane diluents and many other products in addition to thinners for boating, sold and shipped worldwide. Please feel free to contact us also about the most specific and particular products: our wide range of chemical products includes formulations for every material and sector of work.

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Diluenti per la nautica
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