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Diluente epossidico

The Italian company BRENNA produces and sells a wide range of diluents all over the world, including the epoxy diluent, a particular type of diluent that is used in different ways. The epoxy diluent, the ideal type of thinner for the dilution of epoxy paints and epoxy finishes, is one of the most requested products in our catalog.

Epoxy thinner in BRENNA production: diluent for primers and finishes

The BRENNA epoxy diluent is the optimal formulation for the dilution of epoxy bases, glossy or opaque epoxy finishes, as well as for the cleaning of guns, brushes and all the tools with paint residues.

Composed of highly selected raw materials, the epoxy diluent of the BRENNA production features remarkable solvent properties and a balanced viscosity reduction: these properties of the thinner guarantee an extraordinary distension and brightness to the paint film.

Contacting a professional and competent company in the field of thinners and chemical products is essential both to have the guarantee to buy a good product, and to have the certainty of doing a good job thanks to the use of quality products.

Whether it is nitro diluents, epoxy or polyurethane diluents, the quality of BRENNA production is immediately recognisable: this allows its customers to buy in the awareness of finding the most suitable product for the job to be done. In addition, our staff is able to offer specialised advice to help you choose the most suitable products according to the work to be done and the surface to be treated.

Contact us for estimates and information on epoxy thinners and other types of diluents

Contact us or come and visit us directly in our headquarters in northern Italy for information and free estimates on the sale of small to large quantities of epoxy diluent in the world: we will be happy to meet your needs. We deal with many types of chemical products, thinners for traffic divisions and road marking paints, solvents, acetone and road marking paints or traffic paints and nitro diluents or epoxy thinners that we distribute all over the world.

Contact us for information and quotes on our product line: contact us by email or phone for more information.

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Diluente epossidico
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