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Vernici per ferro

Iron coatings for industry distributed worldwide by the BRENNA group based in northern Italy are ideal for preventing the onset of rust, as well as for finishing and maintenance work on iron materials such as gates, railings, metal carpentry in general, and many others.

Paints for iron for industry, anti-rust, one- and two-component finishes, anti-corrosion primer

BRENNA produces and distributes paints for iron for industry all over the world: among these, funds and primer-anti-rust finishings made for specific treatments and always of excellent quality. Over time the company has increased and diversified its production: to present date we are able to offer customers products that go alongside with paints for metal surfaces and anti-rust treatments, thus completing the range and enhancing the quality.

Among the products to be combined with iron coatings is the one-component primer with fast drying. Then there are the single-component finishes that also have rapid drying, fast drying high-solid coatings, synthetic brush coatings, transparent coatings and coloured nitrocellulose coatings.

In the carpentry sector, the paints for iron for industry include undercoats, semi-gloss and gloss glazes

Iron coatings also include epoxy bicomponents such as zinc primers, primers, anticorrosive primers, glossy enamels, semi-gloss enamels and opaque enamels, embossed glazes and epoxy-vinyl enamels. Polyurethanes, such as glossy, semi-gloss or opaque enamels, enamels, metalic enamels and polyacrylic enamels, are also part of the iron coatings.

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We also deal with road-marking paints, traffic divider thinners, road sign paints and chemical products in general. Our expertise in the field of paints and chemicals is accredited and certified and all quotes are free and without obligation.

To receive more information and technical details on our iron coatings distributed all over the world, contact us: you will be put in direct contact with our operators.

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Vernici per ferro
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