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Diluente per vernici Lacquer Thinner

The paint thinner distributed worldwide by BRENNA is just one of the products in the vast diluent line of the Italian company. Also called lacquer thinner, it is a product consisting of a mixture of solvents able to dissolve resins or plastics that are used in paints. Further use of the product concerns the washing and the cleaning of the surfaces.

Lacquer thinner for paint stripping of pieces of furniture

The paint thinner is widely used by restorers in the restoration of a piece of furniture, a very delicate job that requires skill and professionalism.

After having identified and analysed the critical points of the furniture, such as the presence of woodworm and cracks, you can proceed with the restoration of the surfaces and the subsequent application of special funds through the use of paint thinner. For the finishing coat, a specific diluent chosen according to the type of paint is required. During all operations it is important to use gloves that protect the hands from the corrosive action of the diluent.

This is just one of many ways to use paint thinner: ask the BRENNA group for advice on all the other applications of lacquer thinners.

Contact BRENNA if you're interested in lacquer thinner. Brenna works also with Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

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The BRENNA staff is always available to meet your needs. BRENNA produces and sells many types of chemical products: in addition to paint thinner, our production also includes diluents for road dividing and traffic paints, acetone and road sign paints, nitro diluents or epoxy diluents.

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Do you need to buy large quantities of lacquer thinner in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries? Contact us for information and quotes on our product line and specifically on thinners. We work with customers all over the world, in particular with in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

The paint thinner is essential to change the viscosity of the product chosen for painting. In fact, thanks to the use of the thinner, it is possible to improve the application of the paint on the surface. In this way, both the film-forming release and the drying times are optimized, for an optimal result.

The main factor to consider, however, when choosing a paint thinner, is that not all products are the same.

Let's see the specific ones for every need.

Features of the main paint thinners

The paint thinner, also called lacquer thinner, is divided into different types:

  • Turpentine, for paints, synthetic enamels, waxes, polish and anti-rust
  • Nitro-fog, with excellent anti-bleaching power
  • Acetone, perfect for lacquers, natural and synthetic resins, fiberglass and for degreasing surfaces
  • Epoxy, specific for epoxy paints
  • Acrylic, ideal for pastel and double-layer acrylic paints, both air-dried and oven-dried
  • Polyurethane, it contains acetates for the best solvency of urethane resins
  • For road marking, a product designed exclusively for road marking paints because covering, spreading and quick drying even in the cold
  • Degreaser, it has low odor components and is used to degrease metal surfaces ensuring perfect cleaning but without damaging the paintwork
  • Anti-silicone, is the thinner that is used before painting, to remove traces of fat, grease and glue from the surface or the presence of non-hardened silicone
  • For boating, designed for boats because it guarantees fast drying but above all leaves the surface not sticky, opaque or milky.

Instructions for use and precautions

The paint thinners are used both in the field of DIY and do-it-yourself jobs and at a professional level, especially in the iron and wood processing sectors. For the use of these products in total safety, it is recommended to resort to adequate preventive measures, both for the hands and to prevent any inhalations.

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Diluente per vernici Lacquer Thinner
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