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Diluente nitro

Among the diluents produced and marketed by the Italian company BRENNA all over the world, the nitro diluent is a solvent that finds many applications in different sectors and for many needs.

The nitro diluent of the BRENNA group is a selected and guaranteed product, aiming to offer retailers and companies a high quality product. Its particular composition allows very different uses, such as degreasing, cleaning and cold washing, dilution of paints, varnishes, enamels, consolidants, etc.

Nitro thinner all over the world in the BRENNA production: a diluent with a thousand uses

The nitro diluent is a solvent of great effectiveness and power, which finds many applications in the varnishing and paints industry. Its composition varies depending on the use, the type of paint to be diluted and the support on which it must operate. However, the nitro diluent is a flammable and harmful mixture if inhaled or in contact with the skin: for this reason its use must always be accompanied by protective gloves and protective mask that limit or cancel the inhalation during use.

Thanks to its very high solvent power, nitro diluent has universal applications. In particular, it is also used to dilute anti-rust paints, synthetic enamels, nitrocellulose primers and varnishes. The nitro diluent is also useful in some cleaning jobs, to remove residues of grout or glue from the parquet, or to remove traces of silicone from the bathroom tiles.

Blend of various solvents with rapid evaporation, nitro thinner is able to ensure the best results even in difficult conditions in terms of humidity and temperature.

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Diluente nitro
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