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Vernici per la nautica

BRENNA commercialises different types of nautical paints that it distributes all over the world: among these also the transparent paints, able to bring out the beauty of the wood of the boats with the simple application of a layer.

Vernici per ferro

Iron coatings for industry distributed worldwide by the BRENNA group based in northern Italy are ideal for preventing the onset of rust, as well as for finishing and maintenance work on iron materials such as gates, railings, metal carpentry in general, and many others.

Vernici spartitraffico

Road marking paints at competitive prices are among the products that the Italian company BRENNA distributes all over the world. For years the BRENNA group has been operating on the international market with focus on the production of chemical solvents, diluents, additives and varnishes of all kinds, including road marking paints.

Vernici poliuretaniche

The wide range of BRENNA chemicals and paints also include polyurethane paints, particular types of paint distributed all over the world by the highly specialised chemical company.

Vernici antiruggine

Antirust paints are among the products distributed globally by the BRENNA group, based in northern Italy. The anti-rust paints are ad hoc dyes that allow you to finish the surfaces with treatments able to prevent the onset of rust: only the quality of the paint itself can guarantee the best final result of use.

Diluenti per spartitraffico

Traffic paints road represent a product category in great demand on the market. They are used to ensure a good consistency of the paint to be used for horizontal signage, facilitating its application and drying.

Vernici per segnaletica stradale

The road marking paints distributed on a global scale at competitive prices by the BRENNA group are used both for normal horizontal road signs and for the delimitation of areas, condominium parking areas, public, areas or sports fields.

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