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Vernici per la nautica

BRENNA commercialises different types of nautical paints that it distributes all over the world: among these also the transparent paints, able to bring out the beauty of the wood of the boats with the simple application of a layer.

In fact, boats need paints suited to their particular needs: being frequently in contact with water, with saltiness, with the sun and with atmospheric phenomena of all kinds, these means of transporting water in fact require specific attention to always remain beautiful, protected and safe.

The types of paints for the boating of BRENNA

The nautical paints that BRENNA distributes all over the world are composed of resins, solvents and verified additives compliant with industry regulations: by virtue of the particular delicacy of the task, they should be applied by professionals or experts in the sector.

Nautical paints can be divided into several categories: in addition to paints that dry out due to the oxidising action of the air, there are paints that dry by simply evaporating the solvent and there are paints that dry due to the chemical reaction between two components or by polymerisation.

Oil paints, enamels and antifouling paints are part of the marine paints that dry up by air. This type of paints, ideal for giving shine to surfaces, has a high resistance to ultraviolet rays, good mechanical properties, excellent resistance to high temperatures and atmospheric agents.

Transparent primers and varnishes: discover all the BRENNA marine paints

Nautical paints such as primers and clear varnishes have a high penetrating power, a remarkable resistance to abrasion and yellowing, a good resistance to atmospheric agents and a good resistance to the salty environment.

Acrylic nautical paints, such as enamels and varnishes, are ideal for transparency, elasticity and abrasion resistance.

Varnishes for nautical anti-fouling, ideal for boats, are paints with great resistance to moisture and water, excellent mechanical qualities and low resistance to ultraviolet rays: they are generally applied in the part of the boat that is in contact with the water, and therefore is generally never illuminated by the sun.

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Solvents and varnishes for boating all over the world, as well as solvents in general and other types of products such as traffic dividers thinners, iron paints, anti-rust paints and nitro diluents or epoxy thinners and polyurethane diluents are available in our vast assortment of chemical products.

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Vernici per la nautica
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