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Prodotti segnaletica orizzontale

The BRENNA products for horizontal signage include sprays, paints and other types of chemical products that are used to define and create road signs, critical for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. They are distribuited at competitive prices all over the world.

Types and characteristics of chemicals for road horizontal signage

The products for road signs are designed and used to provide visual and auditory signals, to give clear information on bans and prescriptions, to improve safety movements and traffic on roadways. The main characteristics of the products for horizontal signage include first of all good visibility: the signs must have a good brightness, ensuing above all from the contrast with the asphalt. The reflective properties increase and guarantee the visibility of the road markings at night.

Other important features of road marking products are their anti-slip properties: the signals must not cause any slippage. Then there are the thermoplastic properties, which prevent deformation in case of extreme temperatures or thermal excursion, or due to the continuous friction with the wheels of the means of transport.

Among road marking products, road marking paints are undoubtedly the most used and appreciated and, thanks to their characteristics, they are able to perfectly fulfil their task. The paints are always in compliance with the ecological regulations concerning urban planning products, urban furniture and signage, and are available in several formulations to adapt to changing climatic conditions.

In environments with particular natural characteristics, water-based paints with a lower environmental impact are recommended.

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In BRENNA’s catalog you will find many products related to the horizontal signs at competitive prices: our staff will know how to meet your needs in a competent and professional way. BRENNA produces and sells many types of chemicals such as paints and solvents for road signs, as well as a wide range of thinners for traffic divisions and traffic paints, acetone and road sign paints, nitro diluents and epoxy thinners. Contact us for information and quotes on our entire line of heterogeneous products intended for different uses. The range of solvents and diluents is really wide to effectively fulfil all the requirements of road signs.

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Prodotti segnaletica orizzontale
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