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Vernici per segnaletica stradale

The road marking paints distributed on a global scale at competitive prices by the BRENNA group are used both for normal horizontal road signs and for the delimitation of areas, condominium parking areas, public, areas or sports fields.

In most cases it is used a paint based on alkyl resins, preferable to other types of paint for the excellent quality/price ratio. Like any other type of paint produced by the BRENNA group, the alkyl paint for road signs can also be made with glass microspheres that allow the product to achieve the required degree of refraction: in this way it is possible to improve night visibility and road safety. The addition of a good percentage of chlorine-rubber makes the paint more elastic for a better application.

BRENNA also produces traffic paints based on acrylic resins, characterised by their durability and high drying speed. Suitable for asphalt and untreated cement, as well as for road signs or parking areas inside industrial warehouses, the acrylic paints too can be produced with premixed glass microspheres (from 10 to over 30%) or to be added after spraying.

The alkyl and acrylic paints are applied by roller or spray.

Paints for horizontal road signs: a safety for motorists

Horizontal road marking is essential to ensure the safety of drivers and to prevent traffic accidents. Precisely because of this reason, the paints for road signs must be of utmost quality, tested in order to guarantee the result for which they are produced.

The characteristics of products for road markings above all include good visibility to ensure optimal brightness given by the contrast on the asphalt. The reflective properties increase and so guarantee the visibility of the road markings at night, or in cases of poor visibility such as misty and rainy days during the winter, or fully bright days at summer.

Another important feature of road marking products is the anti-slip properties, which reduce the possibility of vehicle slippage on the road.

For each colour its intended use: coloured paints for road signs

All road sign paints differ in colour: white and yellow are for traffic signage. More specifically, yellow is used to delimit construction site areas, parking spaces for the disabled or areas reserved for public authorities. Blue is used to delimit paid parking in cities, red to improve the visibility of cycle tracks or pedestrian crossings. Black is used for the cancellation of old signage or temporary building site signs and finally green better highlights certain elements of vehicle traffic regulation such as roundabouts.

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Our wide range of products is capable of offer the best in the chemical sector and for painting works: we deal with thinners for traffic divisions and traffic paints, nitro diluents and road sign paints, including chemical products for general or specific uses. Our expertise in the paint and chemical products sector is renowned all over the world.

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