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Diluente poliuretanico

The wide range of thinners produced and marketed worldwide by the Italian company BRENNA also includes the polyurethane thinner, a particular type of diluent that is used in different contexts and for different purposes.

Thinner characterised by a medium drying time, the polyurethane diluent is an ideal product for the dilution of polyurethane primers, finishes and varnishes in general, both mono and bicomponent.

Polyurethane thinner in BRENNA production: difference with nitro diluent

The polyurethane thinner of the BRENNA group, made with highly selected raw materials, is used for the dilution of funds, glossy and matt finishes, single and two-component polyurethane finishes.

The polyurethane diluent is mainly used in the furnishing industry, where it is functional to the dilution of polyurethane paints of any kind in order to bring them to the desired fluidity. The degree of evaporation of the polyurethane diluent enhances the brightness and uniformity of the paint. Thanks to its high solvent power, it can also be used to clean guns, brushes and paint-stained tools of all kinds.

The polyurethane thinner is also useful for the cleaning of surfaces, brushes and spray guns dirty with non-dried paints. The polyurethane thinner is particularly suitable for the dilution of polyurethane paints used in the painting of metal, furniture, musical instruments and wood in general.

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Diluente poliuretanico
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