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Vernici poliuretaniche

The wide range of BRENNA chemicals and paints also include polyurethane paints, particular types of paint distributed all over the world by the highly specialised chemical company.

Polyurethane paints: features and uses

The polyurethane paints distributed all over the world by the BRENNA brand are high-end products with excellent technical characteristics. The polyurethane paints are distinguished above all by the high mechanical resistance and the excellent chemical-physical qualities that make them practically immune to many liquids.

The polyurethane paints are therefore used for application on surfaces subject to high wear, where a high chemical-physical resistance is crucial, as well as on surfaces that require aesthetic finishes of great workmanship.

The versatility of BRENNA polyurethane coatings

Another particular feature of polyurethane varnishes is their great versatility, which joins the short drying times: for this reason they are often used for the restoration of wooden furniture or metal for the nautical industry.

Finally, it is possible to distinguish single-component polyurethane paints, which do not require the addition of other components and are extremely simple to use, and two-component polyurethane paints, which are much more resistant and are used in conjunction with other components such as the catalyst and the resin solution.

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Polyurethane paints distributed all over the world, together with the numerous products that make up the BRENNA catalog: these include acetone, solvents, traffic divider diluents, traffic paints, road signage paints and nitro thinners, along with many others. BRENNA produces and sells state-of-the-art products all over the world, taking care also and above all of diluents and solvents of every kind and for every use destination.

Come and visit us or contact us for more information about paints or thinners, or to request a custom quote on our products. We are always at your disposal, and we work all over the world with private customers, suppliers, retailers, professionals or construction companies.

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Vernici poliuretaniche
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