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Products and solvents

Solventi per la nautica

In the wide range of products marketed worldwide by BRENNA are included specific products used above all in the nautical field, for the cleaning and treatment of every kind of boat: among these, the solvents for boating distributed all over the world.

Prodotti chimici antiruggine

The anti-rust chemical products distributed all over the world by the Italian company BRENNA are ideal both to remove the rust and to prevent its future formation. The types of products are diversified according to the type of surface to be treated.


BRENNA specialises in the marketing of solvents for industry of all kinds: these chemicals are widely used in the furniture industry, as well as in the nautical field, in the automotive industry, in the engineering industry and in construction.

Prodotti segnaletica orizzontale

The BRENNA products for horizontal signage include sprays, paints and other types of chemical products that are used to define and create road signs, critical for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. They are distribuited at competitive prices all over the world.

Prodotti chimici per la nautica

BRENNA globally markets chemical products for nautical industry, such as paints and gels indicated for any surface treatment. The chemical products for nautical sector of the BRENNA range are ideal products for every type of boat.

Prodotti chimici segnaletica orizzontale

The chemical products for road marking of the BRENNA production are articulated in a wide range of paints, ideal for defining in a precise and lasting way the horizontal road signs.

Prodotti antiruggine

The line of chemical products and solvents sold and shipped all over the world by BRENNA includes numerous anti-rust products that differ in chemical-physical characteristics and in the possibility of application on different types of surfaces.

Prodotti chimici

BRENNA produces and distributes throughout the world a wide range of chemical products for industry that differ from each other based on their intended use and main components.

Prodotti chimici complementari

BRENNA is always able to offer the best product for every type of application. Our service goes the extra mile, providing different types of complementary chemical products all over the world.


Acetone is a volatile and flammable liquid with a characteristic odor, which today is one of the most used solvents thanks to its low toxicity and high solvent power. Acetone is one of the most requested and used solvents and is part of the assortment of chemicals that BRENNA distributes all over the world.

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