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The need to recycled thinners is increasingly felt today in the commercial and industrial sectors. The current legislation itself requires recycling before disposal whenever this chance takes place. So let’s see how the manufacturer can put their recycled diluents back into the production process.

Why should the company recycle its waste solvents?

Recycling diluents means recovering waste and initiating it into the regeneration process so that it can be found on the market and re-insert it into the production process. Exhausted solvents are therefore not considered waste but collected separately so that they can be fed into the recycling process.

The latter, in the case of diluents, is technically possible. Obviously, it is a convenient operation for the producing company concerned that therefore can take advantage of the reduction of the costs that derive from it and therefore to reach a return on investment faster than the production process.

The recycled waste solvents are subjected to laboratory analysis to identify their composition in detail, to establish without error which is the most suitable distillation process to titrate them again.

The problem that can arise at this point is that the recycling process becomes expensive from an energy point of view, which would have a negative impact on the environment and would still keep costs high.

Hence the need to entrust its waste solvents to a recycling and production company of diluents leading in its market and innovative from a technological point of view.

Brenna deals with the trade of recycled thinners in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

How to choose a cutting-edge recycling system

Entrusting your exhausted solvents to the right company means proceeding with a careful evaluation of the standard requirements that the latter must possess.

  • Stainless steel implants
  • Perfect oil scraper system
  • Water cooling
  • Automatic stop
  • High levels of operational safety
  • Low-cost heating systems

These features allow maximum energy savings and the recovery of the solvent is thus optimized.

Contact Brenna if you need recycled thinners in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

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Diluenti per spartitraffico
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