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Regenerating diluents is a problem, first of all in terms of safety. If the process is not efficient, the risk of compromising and damaging health products is high. On the other hand, the regenerated diluents reduce operating costs and allow the investment return for the entrepreneur to be achieved more quickly.

Let’s see how the recovery process takes place and how to choose the most advanced system in the industry.

Why Buy Regenerated thinners recycled

Exhausted solvents are now widely recycled and reused in industry and commerce. They are not regarded as waste but, as is also provided for in existing legislation, they must be collected separately and recycled wherever possible. Considering that this transaction is not only technically possible but also cost-effective, all that remains is to replace them on the market.
The waste solvents are recycled, subjected to specific laboratory analyses that allow the identification of their composition, in maximum precision, to determine how they can be distilled and titrated.

The problem that can arise, relying on products below-cost or not regularly checked, is to use them in industrial production (of furniture for example) to discover that they emit harmful fumes and the whole lot must be withdrawn from the market (not counting the consequences from the legal point of view and the repercussions on the image of the company using the poor product).

Brenna deals with the trade of regenerated thinners recycled in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

Solvents recovery with cutting-edge systems

Relying on companies producing regenerated diluents is essential to ensure effective products and high-quality standards.
Cutting-edge systems, in line with the relevant EU directives, ensure a solvent recovery process monitored in all its parts. Regenerated diluents are ready to be purchased at competitive prices parallel to the raw material market.

Contact Brenna if you need regenerated thinners recycled in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

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Diluenti per spartitraffico
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