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Solventi per la nautica

In the wide range of products marketed worldwide by BRENNA are included specific products used above all in the nautical field, for the cleaning and treatment of every kind of boat: among these, the solvents for boating distributed all over the world.

Types and characteristics of nautical solvents distributed all around the world by BRENNA

Solvents are chemicals in which other substances can be dissolved. In particular, nautical solvents are special chemicals that are used for the surfaces of boats, more delicate than other surfaces.

BRENNA markets different kinds of solvents for boats, useful to treat hulls, sails and similar products: among these types of solvents, the most known and used are certainly acetone, ethyl acetate, methylethylketone (MEK) and paint thinner. BRENNA offers chemical products for boating and solvents in a wide range that includes specific products for cleaning and washing of boats of all kinds.

Take care of your boat with BRENNA boating solvents

It is important to keep your boat in good conditions both during the winter months, when the boat is moored and at rest, and during the summer months, when the boat is more often used and in contact with water.

Solvents for boating are able to dilute nautical paints so to give you the desired finishing and a long lasting flawless surface. Our specialised consultancy will help you identify the type of solvent that is most suitable for your boat.

Contact us for estimates and information on our solvents for boating and for any kind of solvents

Solvents for boating, general solvents and other highly specific products such as thinners for traffic dividers, road marking paints, road sign paints, nitro diluents and polyurethane thinners are waiting for you in our vast assortment distributed all over the world.

We work every day with private customers and companies from all around the globe to provide the best products and services in the field of chemicals for industry: our lasting over time products are always able to give excellent finishes. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

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Solventi per la nautica
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