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BRENNA specialises in the marketing of solvents for industry of all kinds: these chemicals are widely used in the furniture industry, as well as in the nautical field, in the automotive industry, in the engineering industry and in construction.

Types and characteristics of the solvents for industry in the wide range offered by BRENNA

Solvents are chemicals in which other substances may be dissolved to originate a homogeneous mixture, i.e. a solution. Solvents can be solid, liquid or gaseous but in most cases they are found in liquid form.

Solvents can be of the polar type, when featuring the presence of atoms with a high difference in electronegativity: examples are dimethylsulfoxide, alcohols, acetonitrile, etc.; in non-polar solvents, on the other hand, there are forces that do not have enough energy to break the bonds present in the polar and ionic solutes.

One of the most famous and most used solvents for industry is certainly acetone, a volatile and flammable liquid with a characteristic odour, which can be mixed with water, alcohol, chloroform, ether; acetone is certainly one of the most used solvents thanks to its low toxicity and high solvent power. Another type of solvent is odourless turpentine, a solution formulated with pure raw materials free from chlorines and aromas. Turpentine solvent is used for the dilution of synthetic and oleo-synthetic paints and enamels, waxes, polish and anti-rust, but also for simple washing and degreasing operations, such as de-waxing and de-siliconising of all surfaces.

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Solvents for industry and other types of products such as diluents and varnishes for traffic dividers, varnishes for iron, road marking paints, nitro diluents, epoxy thinners and polyurethane diluents are available in our vast assortment. Specialisation, compliance with safety standards, rigorous controls during each phase of production and a wide range of products characterise the work of BRENNA in the field of solvents for industry and chemical products for construction, boating and furniture.

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