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Thinner diluente

Thinner is a particular type of diluent included in the BRENNA product range. The activity of the BRENNA group has continued over time thanks to the professionalism of our employees and the continuous investments on machinery, that have allowed us to achieve important results: this is why we have increased our production by incrementing the range of products, especially in the diluent sector.

Rapid evaporating thinner: how to use it

The thinner is a type of quick evaporating diluent, excellent for dilutions of nitro and synthetic nitro, but also for washing and cleaning of painting tools and others.

Thinners can also be used for epoxy bases, especially thanks to the quick drying of the product once applied. The quick evaporating thinner is in fact suitable for use on surfaces that need to be dry immediately; moreover, it leaves no residue of any kind.

Discover the characteristics of thinner distributed all over the world by BRENNA

The BRENNA thinner is a new concept thinner, light for composition and production, that use safer components for the operator, and to produce a low environmental impact. The thinner is in fact made up exclusively of solvents of categories IV and V of table D of the D.M. 12/07/90 concerning atmospheric emissions.

To ensure all the many advantages deriving from the use of the quick evaporating diluent, it is always necessary to choose the most suitable product according to the particular needs of the surface to be treated and the work to be carried out: ask to BRENNA for consultancy from everywhere around the world.

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For information and free estimates, our telephone and e-mail contacts are at your disposal: our specialised staff will be happy to meet your needs in a professional and efficient way. BRENNA produces and sells many types of diluents and solvents, chemical products in general, products for road signs, anti-rust products, epoxy thinners, anti-rust chemicals and much more.

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Thinner diluente
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