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Diluenti per spartitraffico

Traffic paints road represent a product category in great demand on the market. They are used to ensure a good consistency of the paint to be used for horizontal signage, facilitating its application and drying.

Traffic paint road, what it is

The thinner for road markingis an essential product to carry out this type of work at best because it gives the product qualities of use that would otherwise not be obtainable with other types of diluents.

These are special thinners intended for professional use only, for the construction of horizontal road signs, in different colors and on different supports.

The specific product allows the paint to optimize its covering and stretching characteristics, facilitating the moment of drafting by specialized personnel. It also allows road marking paints to dry quickly, even at low temperatures.

The Traffic paint road has a very high solvent power and adapts perfectly to the composition of different road surfaces, both in bitumen for example and in concrete.

Brenna deals with the trade of atraffic paint road in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

Traffic paint road, how to use it

A high-quality thinner specific for these requests is suitable for every type of road marking paints, even of different colors such as:

  • Reflective white
  • Reflective yellow
  • Normal white
  • Normal yellow
  • Blu

Thanks to this type of product with high standards and remarkable performance, it is possible to optimize working times, even in cold weather. The product mixed with the paint easily penetrates the substrate and leaves the surface intact in its consistency, dry and can be walked on again in very short times.

The most frequent use of road marking paints and thinners is on asphalt but it is possible to extend their use also to wooden or iron surfaces.

Diluents for road marking paints are available in different quantitative formats and with labels showing all the technical characteristics and information details for a correct use of the product.

Contact Brenna if you need traffic paint roa in particular in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Arab countries.

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Diluenti per spartitraffico
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