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Diluente lavaggio

The washing thinner is one of the diluents of the wide range of products branded BRENNA, an Italian company specialising in thinners, chemicals, paints and solvents. BRENNA produces and sells many types of diluents, including those used for cleaning and washing different types of surfaces and materials.

Washing diluent in the production of BRENNA thinners: deep cleaning for every surface

The washing diluent distributed all over the world by the BRENNA group is a particular type of product designed for the degreasing of products dirty with processing oils, greases and dirt in general, even if it does not derive from painting or mechanical processes.

In terms of technical characteristics and performance, the diluent for washing has a particular rapid evaporation, such as to leave the treated article dry in a short time. Even the vapours of the diluent for washing are hardly noticeable and of limited harmfulness, so its use does not require protective gloves and masks to limit its inhalation.

When coming to its actual use, the washing diluent can be applied with brushes, spray or with a pad, depending on the different requirements. The diluent is not suitable for the removal of rust and paint and is easily flammable.

The all-encompassing range of diluents for professional use and washing offered by BRENNA is aimed at retailers, individuals and companies that need the use of solvents and thinners.

Contact us for estimates and information on washing diluents and other types of diluents all over the world

Come and visit us at our headquarters in northern Italy or contact us at our contact details for information and free estimates: we will be happy to meet your needs. We deal with many types of diluents and solvents, as well as chemical products in general to dilute paints of all kinds, diluents for road dividing and traffic paints, solvents, acetone and paints for road signs or traffic paints and thinners nitro or epoxy diluents.

Contact us for information and quotes on the sale of small to large amounts of washing diluents all over the world, or in general for information on our product line dedicated to private clients and companies. We have been working with customers on a global scale for years.

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Diluente lavaggio
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